Moveaways: Do you Need to Relocate?


Frequently after a break up, one party will want to move out of the area. This is especially true if they have family in a different part of the counrty.


1. If you desire to move your children out the area, you’ll probally need to modify your visitation orders. You ex might oppose this, especially if they want to stay physically close to the children. Or maybe they’ll oppose it as means of trying to control you. The first thing you’ll need to establish is that you’re moving for a good reason. Work, family, a place to live, are all good reasons.


2. After that, the primary focus will be the best interests of the children. There a a lot of factors to determine this, and if the other partent doesn’t agree with the move, a professional evaluation may be needed.


3.  You’ll need to build your case for your poistion regards the move. That takes understanding how the decision is made, the factors considerd by the Court, the scientific basis for custody and visitation orders. You may be able to avoid an expensive battle by understanding the likely outcome ahead of time, and working on a suitable visitation plan that best meets the needs of the family.


4. Often, best means of settling most family law matters, is to come to a settlement. Settling, however, is not the same as giving in. When it come to moveaways, its often better to settle with you ex on a workable plan, which, although not perfect for anyone, is decent for all.

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