Domestic Violence

man-couple-people-womanAre you being hurt at home? Have you been accused of domestic violence? You don’t have to go through this alone.


Verbal and physical abuse is a growing problem, but you do not have to endure it. You have a legal right to feel safe in your home, at work and everywhere else. Or maybe you are being accused of domestic violence. In that case, it’s important understand your options.


1. The first step is often calling the police to report an attack, or worse, being rushed to the hospital with an injury. Should this happen it will establish that something is terribly wrong and needs to be dealt with immediately. The result may be a restraining order that prevents you from being contacted or approached by the person hurting you. If this person is a family member, a more aggressive approach, such as dissolution, may be necessary.


2. Don’t hesitate by thinking the person hurting you will change, or is under stress that justifies their behavior. It is never acceptable to be hurt by a loved one. You can get the protecion you need.


3. Children who experience domestic violence are more likely grow up thinking they need to hurt others or be hurt by others to be loved.


4. If you are the other side, the person being accused of domestic violence, you may feel angry and alone. Your ex may have kicked you out your home, and is preventing you from seeing your children. You may have been arrested, and have crimimal charges pending. Maybe you have a problem with hurting a loved one and to get help before you can re-establish a more normal relationship with you children. If a retraining order has been served on you, you need to know what to do to avoid criminal charges.

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